Venue, Directions and Terms and Conditions

Teams at White city tiger turf

This pitch is 3G, you can go straight to the changing and shower area and come out in time for kick off. There are no nets and flags to set up. Teams on the right side of fixtures are the away teams

Leagues fines, Match fees and behaviour

Fines will be imposed for the following:

If a team is more than 10 minutes late this will cost the team £10, 20 minutes- £20 and 1-0 defecit, 30 minutes forfeit. Please note time stated on fixtures lists is the time all teams need to be ON PITCH ready to kick off.

If a team is a player or more short and they cannot borrow players, they will have to play with who they have but if this happens on more than 1 occasion a £20 fine is imposed and possibly a goal penalty awarded to the opposition (this increases for every 10 minutes late)

If a team behaves poorly i.e. initiates a fight or is disrespectful to the opposition/referee using persistent foul lounge a fine of up to £100 is imposed and the team may be removed from the league.

If a player is red carded a ban will be imposed based on the incident. Please note the ban could be higher for more serious offences. A fine of £20 applies for a red card and £5 for yellow cards. These must be paid along side match fees on the day.

Any fines are paid on the day along side match fees

As this is a casual summer league we will try and be more lenient regarding rules of forfeits but we ask if you do forfeit a game to give us notice by at least friday 530pm. Persistent forfeits will just see your deposit lost.


Subs are roll on roll off. If a player has rolled off and been substituted they can come back on later in the game.

What teams need to bring to games

11 players minimum

Match fees (In the form of debit or credit card/cash where appropriate if not already paid by BACS on the friday)

Appropriate kit. (Shin pads are not a must but advised). Away kit if you are the away team AND clashing.

Both teams to bring, 1 football each (match ball)

It is important to understand that all injuries sustained are the responsibility of the team. Teams cannot hold the venue/11 a liable for injuries sustained during normal game play. In the event pitches are not playable teams will be informed.

Match fees of £95/team/game are made payable as follows:

Call in on 020 3589 6019 before or after the game starts. Payment is then taken by debit or credit card. If we don’t hear from you by 6pm we will of course call you to collect a payment on the mobile phone provided, please do not make us chase.

By Bacs made payable to playfiveaside ltd, 10015167, 600264. Standing order please for these teams. This is the preferred method and confirmation of S/O must be provided. To be done by friday 530pm

Card machines MAY be available on selected pitches on the day so you can do this into our PDQ machines

Please guys do not make us chase money .Money must be paid off by Monday 10am if there are delays in payments £10 penalties will be imposed for late payments.

Cash can be paid on the rare occasion but this is NOT the preferred method.

If you have any questions please do get in touch with us.

Kind Regards


+44(0) 20 3589 6019